11 December 2016

George Town, Grand Cayman; 9 December 2016    

Accounting firm BDO has been named as one of Cayman’s top employers for small to medium businesses for the seventh consecutive year. 

“Our being named one of Cayman’s Top Employers in every year that we have applied is something which we are very proud of,” said HR partner, Paul Arbo. “It’s a testament to our staff and our commitment at all levels to the continual improvement of our workplace and our people.”

BDO was recognised at the Top Employer Awards gala last Thursday, 1 December, which took place at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. The awards were originally launched in 2009 by the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals (CISHRP), and aims to encourage exceptional workplaces for employees in Cayman. 

The selection process for the awards is based on nine standards, which include physical environment, work atmosphere and camaraderie, compensation and benefits, management practice, employee communications, performance management, learning and development, community involvement and diversity. 

“I think you’ll find our staff are genuinely happy working here – especially for an accounting firm in Cayman,” said BDO audit manager, Alison Pinchin. “Yes, we work hard, but our hours are very reasonable in comparison with the other firms. We are keen on getting that balance between work and life. It’s really important to us.”

Learning and development has proven to be a particular strength of BDO, as training material is constantly refreshed and improved upon for each new round of its starters.

“This is in fact one of the reasons why we enter the top employer awards programme every year,” Ms Pinchin explained. “We receive feedback from staff on both their feelings and their findings whilst working with us. As a result, we are able to take this information and incorporate it in the training for staff going forward.”

Ms Pinchin went on to discuss the importance of balancing work with staff social events: “We like to mix things up when it comes to having fun. The activities are varied, from mini-golfing to sunset sailing. Everyone is involved in the decision process as to what these activities will be, and we always try to keep it fresh.” 

Monthly outings are also held throughout the busy season, with partners of staff members and past BDO employees receiving invitations to join in on the fun on occasion. “They are still part of our BDO family,” insisted Ms Pinchin. “We like to keep them included in what we do.”

Once known as BDO Tortuga from its establishment in 2002, the company moved to its single global trading name in 2009. It has evolved into a successful, thriving business which continues to grow in strength. 

“Our firm is comprised of staff from many different backgrounds and past work experiences. For us to stand out in their minds as an excellent employer is truly humbling,” said Mr Arbo. 

“We take the results of the annual staff satisfaction survey very seriously,” he continued. “Many of the changes that we have implemented over the years have been a result of feedback from those past surveys, so credit goes to our staff for helping us to make BDO a Top Employer.”