ROBUS - Data Privacy & Protection Tool


There has never been a more crucial time to understand the data you process and where it is located. Through real life experience, WE understand this as a significant challenge for businesses today. 

To enable our customers and global partners to manage and demonstrate compliance with legislation, our Data Privacy experts built ROBUS, an innovative software collaboration tool that has data protection at the heart of its design.


ROBUS Makes the Content of Your Binding Corporate Rules a Reality

  • ROBUS is a software collaboration tool designed and built by BDO Advisory Data Privacy experts
  • ROBUS enables you to manage and demonstrate compliance to internal & external regulators
  • ROBUS provides a central way to manage Data Subject Requests and potential Data Breaches
  • ROBUS creates dynamic Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA's) with integrated review cycles
  • ROBUS provides built-in help and guides to keep your staff well trained for the tool and regulations
  • ROBUS enables your organisation to document data protection risk and governance activities in one place, a cloud business application; replacing Excel sheets, Word templates and SharePoint lists
  • In ROBUS you manage all the records you must keep and all the activities you must do in accordance with GDPR legislation



  • Data Protection Impact Assessment

  • Data Processing Register and Privacy by Design Assessment

  • Data Asset Register

  • Digital Asset Retention Schedules

  • Service Provider Register

  • Data Protection Risk Management

  • Data Breach Processes

  • Subject Access Request Processes

  • Event Management Data Protection Assessment

  • GDPR Regulatory Compliance



  • Insight into data risk and compliance

  • Effective resource allocation to data risk assessment projects

  • Fast response to data protection incidents

  • Continuous monitoring of data protection initiatives

  • Remove reliance on Excel spreadsheets, Word templates, SharePoint

  • Executive approval and audit of DPIAs

  • Consistent process and legal framework for data privacy

  • Provides all the GDPR records you must keep

  • Provides all the GDPR processes you must perform

  • Accountability for all personal data processing activities



A centralised solution

ROBUS eliminates siloed and inefficient business processes and an over reliance on paper-based deliverables such as data inventories and data privacy impact assessments as well as providing a centralised way to manage data subject requests and potential data breaches.


ROBUS activities screenshot


Seamlessly link assets to activities

Crucially link the relationship between your data processing activities and records, giving your organisation a full view of your data risks. Data subject requests and and breach reports relate to the data assets and service providers, strengthening your organisation’s data privacy compliance. 

Real-time management and reporting

ROBUS enables you to track the review and approval of data activities and third-party processors in real time, with built in accountability, providing an instant audit history. Give immediate oversight of all activities to your board through the built-in reporting interface.


ROBUS Management report screenshot


A global support network

The combination of technical skills and extensive regulatory knowledge within the BDO global network makes it possible for you to ensure consistent, reliable and continuous adherence to legal requirements.