Our tax professionals are continually encouraged to develop advanced tax planning ideas based on economic substance and sound business purpose to help fulfill clients’ needs.

BDO’s Tax practice comprises a complete range of tax planning compliance and consulting services, including in-depth knowledge of property tax, sales tax, state and local taxes and international taxation.

In particular we are able to provide tax support to the captive insurance industry through our specialists.


In an environment where tax regulations are continually changing, both locally and globally, businesses and individuals face an array of new challenges and rules. At BDO Cayman Islands, we are equipped to help you maintain a competitive edge while ensuring full compliance with these evolving standards.

Expertise in Tax Governance

Our tax experts possess comprehensive knowledge of tax governance, specialised capabilities, and extensive industry experience. We are dedicated to identifying strategic planning opportunities for our clients, helping them adhere to compliance demands, and providing clear communication with investors and regulators.

Our Services

Leveraging our deep technical expertise and a holistic understanding of the broader financial landscape, we collaborate closely with our clients to manage their U.S. income tax reporting obligations effectively.

  • Tax return preparation - we prepare U.S. individual, corporate, and partnership income tax returns.
  • U.S. filing requirements -we assist stakeholders of offshore companies and U.S. investors in both onshore and offshore investment vehicles with their filing needs.
  • Captive insurance company services - we offer tax and formation services tailored to the needs of captive insurance companies.
  • Expatriate tax services - we provide comprehensive expatriate tax reporting and strategic tax planning.

Our Team

At BDO Cayman Islands, we have access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals both locally and via BDO’s global network. This vast pool of resources includes highly skilled experts and advisors who employ innovative technology to ensure that our clients not only meet their compliance obligations but also capitalise on strategic planning opportunities.

Partner with BDO Cayman Islands to navigate the complexities of tax regulations with confidence and precision.