Personal Tax Services

At BDO Cayman, our team of seasoned tax professionals specialises in delivering comprehensive individual tax services. We cater specifically to the unique needs of Caymanians holding US passports and US citizens residing in the Cayman Islands.

Our expertise ensures that our clients navigate the complexities of US tax compliance with confidence and ease.

Comprehensive US tax services

Understanding the intricacies of US tax law is vital for ensuring compliance and optimising financial outcomes. BDO Cayman offers a full suite of services tailored to meet these needs:

  • US tax planning - we provide strategic tax planning services to help our clients manage their tax obligations efficiently. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of each client’s financial situation, enabling us to offer personalised advice that aligns with their long-term financial goals.

  • Preparation of US federal income tax returns - our team ensures accurate and timely preparation of all required US federal income tax returns. We stay updated with the latest changes in tax laws to ensure compliance and to minimise liabilities while maximising potential benefits.

  • Consultation on US tax obligations - we offer consultations to help our clients understand their tax obligations in the US. This includes guidance on reporting income, understanding tax treaties, and navigating the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requirements.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our professionals are not only skilled in tax compliance but are also empathetic advisors who understand the challenges faced by expatriates and dual citizens. With years of experience and a proactive approach, we ensure that our clients receive not only the services they need but also an understanding of how various tax regulations affect their personal and financial circumstances.